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Price Quotations

If you need a price quotation please email us directly at service@novopep.com, you will receive a very competitive price quotation within 24 hours. Prices are inclusive delivery by courier.

Peptide Synthesis

For preparing a quotation we need some information about the peptides to be synthesized:

1. Peptide Sequence (from N-terminal to C-terminal)

2. Modification:

N-terminus (Free amine/other, please specify)
C-terminus (Free acid/Amide/other, please specify)

3. Peptide Purity (e.g. > 70%, > 80%, > 90%, > 95% by HPLC or without purification (crude))

4. Peptide Quantity (e.g. 1mg, 5mg, 10 mg, 25 mg, 50mg, 100 mg, 1000mg)

5. Additional Message

All peptides are supplied lyophilised and as gross weight, and can also be aliquoted into vials specific to cilents requirements. Most custom peptides can be delivered within 2~3 weeks. The delivery time may vary depends on the peptide length and difficulty.