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Monoclonal Antibodies

Monoclonal Antibody Services

Antigens (recombinant proteins or peptides) provided by customers or produced at NovoPep
• Various packages to meet different needs
• Free antigen design
• ELISA titers are guaranteed to reach >10,000
• Phosphor-specific and other modification-specific antibodies

NPMA2001-Anti-protein Monoclonal Antibody Package - $2,950.00(5~6 months)

Phase I. Peptide Synthesis and Conjugation
- Peptide design: Free of charge
- Peptide synthesis: (up to 15aa, 20mg and purity>90%); A Cys will be added to either end of the peptide for conjugation
- Conjugation: KLH, BSA, OVA or others

Phase II. Immunization and ELISA Screening
- The conjugated peptide is used to immunize five Balb/c mice (4-5 injections)
- Tail bleeds are screened by ELISA (WB、IHC、IF and other screening methods are optional)

Phase III. Fusion and screening
- Perform splenocyte fusion on the mice that shows best response to the antigen
- The hybridoma cells are expanded and screened by ELISA  (WB、IHC、IF and other screening methods are optional)

Phase Ⅳ. Subcloning and Ascites Production
- Subclone two (up to five) positive parental clones by limiting dilution and isotyped.
- Two positive clones are Cryopreserved and used to produce ascites.

Phase Ⅴ. Delivery and report
- 10mg un-conjugated peptide
- 1 vial of cell culture for each hybridomas cells
- 5 ml of ascites produced from each of the hybridomas cells with ELISA titer> 1:5,000

NPMA2002 Anti-protein Monoclonal Antibody Package - $2,700.00(4~5 months)

Antigen: purified protein, at least 3mg with >90% (provided by customer, lyophilized powder).
The development protocol is same as NPMA2001 (without peptide synthesis and conjugation)

NPMA2003 Phospho-specific Monoclonal Antibody package(5~6 months)

Please email us your requirement for a detail quote.