We specialize in customing peptides,libraries and antibodies!
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Peptide Synthesis

Custom Peptide Synthesis Service

NovoPep offers custom peptides of the highest quality, at the most competitive price. Our staff has decade of intensive experience in the design, synthesis and production of peptides using Fmoc solid phase and solution phase technology.

A Certificate of Analysis, HPLC, and Mass spec data accompany each custom peptide synthesis order to confirm purity and identity.

Services Features
• Custom synthesis from 2-120 amino acids in length
• High quality peptides from mg to kg
• Purities from crude to 98% or higher
• Peptide antigen design for antibody development
• Success rate >98%
• Extremely competitive pricing for all of our peptides
• An extensive list of labeling and modification: : including biotinylation, S-S disulfide bonds, cyclization, phosphorylation and fluorescence dye labeling etc.

Deliverables and Delivery Times:
• All peptides supplied with Mass Spec and RP-HPLC data
• Our typical turn-around time is about 2~3 weeks.
• Shipping carrier is FedEx or DHL, for international delivery, it usually takes 3-4 days.
• All peptides are shipped as lyophilized powder

Since custom peptide prices vary upon peptide length, purity and scale, we recommend submitting a quotation by email (service@novopep.com) for obtaining an accurate price.

For preparing a quotation we need some information about the peptides to be synthesized:
1) Sequence of the amino acids
2) N-terminus of the peptide (e.g. free or acetyl)
3) C-terminus of the peptide (e.g. amide or carboxyl)
4) Amount (e.g. 1mg, 5mg, 10 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg...)
5) Purity (e.g. crude, >70%, >75%, >80%, >85%, >90%, >95% or >98%)

In general the customer's request will be quoted within 24 hours.